About Feel Good Massage Chairs

Feelgood Massage Chairs started business in 1997 from a small office in Adelaide South Australia.

The business started with the introduction of coin-operated massage chairs into Australia by placing them in shopping centres, Hotels, recreational venues and cinemas throughout the country. Feelgood had a vision for the development of a massage chair industry in Australia like that in Japan where the massage chairs were developed and where over 25% of households own massage chairs and their use is widely embraced in public areas such as airports and shopping malls.

In establishing the business it was our aim to provide customers with the best massage chairs available and excellence in service, support and an ongoing commitment to Feelgood products.

Since its beginnings Feelgood massage chairs has grown to be the largest supplier of coin-operated massage chairs throughout Australia, currently operating over 400 sites in shopping centres and shopping malls. Feelgood has developed strong relationships with major national groups and has contracts with them for the supply and operation of coin-operated massage chairs.

Wherever you go in Australia there will be a shopping centre or shopping mall with Feelgood coin-operated massage chairs for your relaxation+massage. As part of the commitment to excellence and support for customers we believed that good customer service and product back up were essential to the development of the business in providing Feelgood customers with the confidence that a Feelgood relaxation+massage chair was something for life and that the relationship with the business was one of reliability and confidence in their Feelgood relaxation+massage chairs.

To complete our service and support to customers the Feelgood technical department was established to handle any maintenance, repair or servicing needs of customers in the quickest possible time anywhere in Australia. A satisfied customer is a happy customer who is enjoying the ongoing benefits of a Feelgood relaxation+massage chair which includes the comfort of knowing if there are any issues Feelgood will be there to respond with them quick and timely help.

Feelgood has also expanded its placement of massage chairs into corporate sectors for use by customers and staff. These range from corporate offices to mining sites where staff can enjoy the benefits of a massage in the work environment and customers can relax in a massage chair while waiting to be served. Feelgood also supplies massage chairs for use in seminars and functions, exhibitions and private gatherings. Wherever people are located for a period of time a Feelgood relaxation+massage chairs is a value-added asset to help in reducing stress and relaxing tired and aching bodies while calming the mind.

As part of the growth and development of Feelgood we also introduced home lounge massage chairs for home use. These chairs are made to the highest standards and Feelgood are proud to have its name on the best massage chairs in the market. As technology improved and massage chairs changed in design Feelgood has maintained a close relationship with manufacturers overseas to ensure that the Feelgood relaxation+massage chairs are always of the highest quality incorporating the latest technology in their operation.

We manufacture our massage chairs in China. The quality of products coming from there meets the rigorous standards set by Feelgood for its relaxation+massage chairs and we believe is equal to the standards of massage chairs made in Japan. This also enables us to keep the cost to the customer at an affordable level. Our factory in China where the Feelgood relaxation+massage chairs are made supplies product to Panasonic in Japan –the largest producer of massage chairs in the world.

Feelgood relaxation+massage chairs are supported by a 3 year warranty which is second to none and our staff is available at any time during business hours to help with any queries or issues. We can supply you with a massage chairs to suit your needs wherever you are. Feelgood prides itself on excellence in business and giving the customer luxury at an affordable price.

We display our relaxation+massage chairs at major exhibitions (such as Royal Shows and Home Shows) in all states. Come and see us – you will not be disappointed. At present we are in the process of setting up a national network for distribution which will make it easier for customers to try one of our relaxation+massage chairs before they buy. Call us on 1300 804 682, come and see us! We would love to show you our range of Feelgood relaxation+massage chairs and talk to you about your needs and requirements. Feel good has a relaxation+massage chair waiting for you to try and buy.