Hand-Held Massager with Charging Dock

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  • Automatic button start ---4 rhythm automatic regulation
  • The first vibration massage, push fat slimming massage more comfortable
  • Four massage head - sectional triangular head, needle prick, convex, circular head nod 4 experience
  • turbine speed machine, longer service life, the normal use of more than ten years
  • Red light therapy -- upgrade red light, promote blood circulation
  • Household physiotherapy massage stick massage, body care for you and your family's health
  • Infrared physiotherapy upgrade infrared physiotherapy massage effect is enhanced

The Gold Hand-Held Massager with charging dock

Product Description:

This hand held deep vibration massager comes with 3 interchangeable massage head attachments to tailer the mode of massage. Its long handle design makes the device easy to operate and treat any area of muscle soreness.

massaging chart

 The Hand Held Body Massager – with charging dock

Benefits of Use

increased blood circulation, promotes lymph system detoxification, makes the skin more compact and smooth, effective treatment of muscle soreness, delayed onset muscle soreness, breaking down scar tissue and impoving muscle elasticity.

 Product Specs:

Dimensions              45.0 X 15.0 X 11.5 cm (packaging size)

Nett Weight             1.1 kgs            

Gross Weight           1.3 kgs