Vending Feel Good Massage Chairs

FGVENDINGThe Feel Good Vending Massager Chair available from Feelgood Massage Chairs.

The Vending Massage Chair is an ideal way to bring additional revenue via commission. It also provides a value added service to your existing facilities. We have chairs in many Australian Shopping Centres.

Your patrons will appreciate a service that is unlike any other. Feelgood Massage Chairs are one of Australia’s Leading Suppliers of Vending Massage Chairs. We can supply coin operated vending massage chairs to your business:

  • As a tax deductible service
  • That show your staff that you care
  • OH&S Approved Service
  • Ideal for Shopping Centers, Hotels, Motels, Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Call Centers
  • Cost Effective

If you do not have a massage chair and want a quick massage or try one out, we welcome you to try our coin operated massage chairs located at many shopping centres across Australia, with this number always growing. For $2 you get a 4 minute massage - almost 50% cheaper than a masseuse.

australiaClick here to visit our Feel Good Vending Massage Chair website which shows where vending machines are located throughout Australia.